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Lina & Julian’s Yosemite Elopement Film

Ok guys this is a special one! Our First ever Yosemite Elopement!! With two amazing humans❤️ PLEASE….IF YOU CAN, LISTEN WITH HEADPHONES!!! Ahhhh can’t express how lucky we feel to have such amazing couples!!!! Lina is from Colombia and Julian’s family is from Cuba….so cool. We got to know them while exploring Yosemite for their pre-shoot, and learned that Lina and I (shy) have very similar ways of observing nature🌿. I was personally fascinated to discover that I’m not alone in staring at trees in silence or picking up rocks and putting it in my pocket 😆. This is actually the reason I incorporated so much nature to their film, I knew they would appreciate it! We just had such a great time, Julian cracking jokes here and there, probably thinking that the things we were directing was super cheesy 😂. And if you’re wondering what the intro to their film is about, Lina was expressing her feelings about wanting to re-connect with her roots in Colombia, so we found a beautiful poem expressing just that. There was actually more that one meaning to the intro but I can’t give it all away!!! Anyways, it was such a pleasure working with you two, being there to capture your special day and so happy to say we’ve for sure made true friends!

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